Introduction of the client

whatimpact has developed a web platform and a suite of services to empower small and medium charities, enabling them to report how their donations are used, what impact is being made and ask for volunteers, goods, services and funding from the public. 

Problem they had

whatimpact contacted us after unsuccessfully applying to Innovate UK’s Open Competition without success. At that point in time, they needed funding urgently to transform their MVP into a fully fledged platform to start operating. 

Solution we provided 

We worked with them to identify the most disruptive elements in their technology roadmap. We focussed on the potential for whatimpact to drive Corporate Social Responsibility investments into smaller, local charities that are struggling to obtain funding but are delivering strong measurable results.

We identified several funding opportunities and supported whatimpact throughout the applications to Women in Innovation and the COVID-specific Innovation Continuity Loan.

We especially focused on the then newly-created SMART grant. The first application was close to the mark but unsuccessful. We refactored the proposal by taking into account key feedback from reviewers and won the grant with flying colours.

We furthermore supported the company’s restructuration and the creation of whatImpact, helping companies and grantmakers to connect, and supporting organisations creating social impact on the ground.

Achievements – statistics: engagement, revenues

  • Four applications completed and submitted
  • Obtained £306k in grant funding covering 70% of the total costs of their project.

DRIAD´s expertise was crucial in the success of our application. We managed to secure a large Innovate UK grant and are now able to develop something totally new to the market – enabling us to take steps towards our big vision. Vivien and his team gave valuable advice regarding the focus, scope, budgeting and structuring the project. They did not only help us write the document, but the process we went through with them helped us to create a solid project strategy. 

Tiia Sammallahti

CEO and Founder, whatimpact