December 3, 2020  /  News

Testimonial: DRIAD’s Business Support

At DRIAD, we provide comprehensive strategic and operational support to accompany you, your team and your business towards shaping your ideas into actionable projects and optimising your resources, ultimately enhancing your potential for innovation.

While DRIAD started as a bid-writing service for start-ups and SMEs wanting to apply for public funding, a year ago we launched a new offer of ongoing business support.

ActiveCell Technologies is the first company who trusted us with this. This is their feedback after a year of support.

“This has been a very challenging year for many businesses, and we have really valued DRIAD’s support and expertise. It’s been great to have DRIAD’s growing team helping us, especially during the difficult times we’ve all faced in recent months.

We initially came to DRIAD because we wanted a deeper insight into grant opportunities, and get help to narrow down the options. We work in an industry where there are many funding opportunities available, but too much choice can lead to a lack of focus. This is where their expertise has helped us save a lot of wasted time and effort. DRIAD was the perfect sounding board to validate our funding options.

Once our funding options were narrowed down, DRIAD helped us to formulate our business case accompanying applications, and the whole process of writing a grant with their help, allowing us to focus more on the business specifics.

When the health crisis hit, ActiveCell pivoted to respond to COVID-19, and DRIAD’s support in highlighting new funding possibilities in line with our new direction was crucial. Thanks to their tireless support, we won the COVID-19 response competition, a £50k grant covering 100% of the costs of a 6-month project, and were able to maintain focus on the project throughout the year.

Another very helpful aspect has been the support offered in terms of partnership building, crucial at the start-up building stage.

With our Covid-response project now almost complete, we intend to once again focus on our initial project and apply for new funding.

We are happy to have DRIAD at our side for that journey and look forward to seeing what the future holds!”

Steve Hammond, CTO and Co-founder,
ActiveCell Technologies

With our services, ActiveCell has recently won a 3-month extension of their project, and they have signed for an extra 12 months of ongoing support from us.
The DRIAD team would like to thank them for their renewed confidence and is looking forward to the future disruptive projects they will put forward!