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Updated: Oct 24, 2018

“ROS“ stands for “Robot Operating Software”. It is probably the favourite Open Source stack of robot builders today. Horizon 2020, the European Union’s research and innovation program, has set up ROSIN to improve the said stack and support its use in an industrial environment.

What is ROSIN project about:

ROSIN aims at making ROS-Industrial, the tool of a European “dominance on advanced manufacturing”. To reach this goal, the project will:

  • ensure industrial-grade software quality;

  • promote new business-relevant applications;

  • support educational activities for students and industry professionals.

ROSIN has a €3+ million budget, the major part of which is used to finance Focused Technical Projects (FTPs). The objective is to grow the ROS-Industrial community to make the platform more and more business-relevant, and thus more and more successful.

ROSIN focuses on market pull rather than technology push, so the project you apply with need to fulfil a qualified need. To allow original applicants to stay ahead of competition, the Open Source publication will be delayed by typically 6-12 months.

How ROSIN can help you:

You can apply to get financial support for the development of YOUR industrial ROS project.

ROSIN offers to fund 33% of the applicant’s estimation of the person months costs of development for his industrial ROS. This grant is given in the form of a lump sum, 60% of which is transferred on the signing of the contract, and the remaining 40% are transferred on the completion of a third of the project.

The remaining costs (67%) can be financed by other publicly funded projects, as long as you comply with the Horizon 2020 rules.

How to apply:

ROSIN has written a guide to help you through your application. Annex 2 of this guide will give you the criterion used by ROSIN to select proposals.

As a single entity or as part of a consortium, you need to identify a new need in feature, component, or demonstration. After registration, your application can be submitted and managed here.

How to maximise your chances to get a grant:

To start with, you can read the posts in our “advice” section.

Then, get in touch!

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