Quentin, DRIAD's third intern, has just left the team

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

You may recall Quentin joined the team in May. Coming from Strasbourg, France, he was a great addition to the team over summer. Never afraid of suggesting new ideas and improvements, he helped us set up our first bits of internal processes automation.

Quentin was the first intern of a pilot experiment aimed at welcoming young would-be entrepreneurs and coaching them in-house. The goal of the internship is to help them develop their business idea into a full project with a solid business plan, ready for pitching for seed funding. In Quentin's case, we had him prepare a mock application for a relevant funding scheme: Bourse Frenchtech.

Quentin is now back in France, working half-time between his school of chemical engineering ECPM, and company Albéa, where he is spearheading a new sustainability project. He should complete his MSc Chemical Engineering in 2019.

We asked his feedback on his first experience in UK with DRIAD.

Working in Driad has been — as I was hoping – an adventure. It was a pleasure to work with Vivien, Irène and Thierry for these 4 months. It was really thrilling to dive deep into some of the most innovative ventures in Europe. During my internship, I have mainly learned how to write grant funding applications, how to manage innovation projects, and gained a solid insight into the inner workings of startup companies. I also spend 2 months developing my own entrepreneurial project. It's called Soupa Libre and it is now pretty much ready to launch! My idea is to develop and sell zero-waste soups produced with food that would otherwise be destined for the landfill: ugly vegetables, surplus from supermarkets, etc. This soup will be packaged in an edible, water-soluble material so that there won't be any post-consumer waste. This project is just the first part of the development of a very ambitious venture, as Soupa Libre aim to be the first zero-waste food company in France. When I arrived in Leeds, I was a child. Now I'm a child with a good startup project! Quentin

We wish him a lot of success in the future and hope to see Soupa Libre hit the shelves in 2020! Watch this space.

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