Funding opportunity : Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a scientist or a bright individual with an innovative idea, the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot wants to support you in making your ground-breaking idea a reality!

This grant provided by Horizon 2020, will not only equip you with up to €3M, but also with the connections for you to obtain useful advice and coaching that will take your idea worldwide.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you need to apply with a team of 3-5 businesses from 3 different EU member states.

You also need to have some industrial involvement.

Next Deadlines:

21 February 2019

23 May 2019

22 October 2019

All deadlines end at 17:00 Brussels time

Projects considered

The aim of this grant is to take your innovation from a point where it is ready to test (TRL 6), to a point where it is ready to use (TRL 8). FTI is a program that funds close-to-market projects developed by collaborative teams composed of different businesses across Europe. Although this can be highly competitive, securing this grant will without a doubt be a huge door opener!

Your idea needs to fall under these two categories:

Clearly demonstrate the potential to create new business opportunities, jobs and a new market; or:

Meet a societal need (Impact on sustainability, climate change or objectives of Horizon 2020).

The maximum amount being offered per project: €3M at a 70% intervention rate!

The Application

There are two main parts to the application:

1: Administrative forms: Clearly structured information explaining the organisations and partners involved, providing contact details.

2: Technical Aspect: An in-depth description of the research that will be undertaken and the work packages as well as the costs.

Why choose us?

DRIAD has prime experience in FTIs as our CEO is an expert reviewer for these grants.

Click here for some useful tips for a successful application.

Click here for a manual by the European commission to help with your application.

Click here to view for the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) grant application.

Are you ready to apply?

Contact us for professional guidance and support to maximise your chances of being successful.

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