Our offer

Our dedicated experts will support you at every step of your application. We can more specifically help you to:

Define your innovation project

Have an idea, but not sure how to implement it?

We can help you set up the basis of your project, analyse the state of the art, define precise ambitions and a short-term strategy to ensure your company reaches its full potential.

Identify the best funding opportunity
Finding the call that fits your project

It is not always obvious which funding you should apply to, and guessing is not an option. We will find the call that fits you, based on your project, needs and ambitions.

Write an impactful application

What does it take to write a winning application?

Whether you are completely new to grant application, or an experienced writer in need of proof-reading, we will make sure your application is clear, convincing and impactful.

Manage your project

Optimising your resources throughout the project

Getting a grant is one thing, making sure you use it well is another. Here again, we can help you optimise your resources on the long term to make the most of your funding.

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