July 15, 2021  /  News

Innovation is about finding a new, better way of doing something. It can help your business adapt to change, it can make your organisation more efficient, and it can help increase your productivity and profits. Innovation isn’t always about a huge, world-changing invention. It can be as simple as tweaking your production process, or changing the way you communicate with customers. Innovation is helping to drive forward the North East economy, and it can help to drive forward your business as well.

Find out:

  • Where should businesses and entrepreneurs be looking for funding opportunities?
  • What support is available to signpost businesses to funding opportunities?
  • How can businesses find the right investor or funding stream for them?
  • What different types of funding are available?
  • What are the key things businesses need to think about when writing a bid?
  • How can businesses match their bid to an investor’s needs and priorities?
  • Are there any common pitfalls businesses should try to avoid?
  • How can DRIAD help North East businesses access innovation funding?

Lavinia Malo, Innovation Consultant at DRIAD, which supports innovative startups and SMEs through strategic advice, business coaching, grant writing and proof-reading, gives advice on how to find and secure funding.

The article can be found on the North East Growth Hub site – read or download here.